Mark Rust, Vice President


For many years I had the feeling that someday I could serve God by doing a mission trip but I always found excuses for not pursuing the opportunity. Excuses like; when I have more money, work just won’t allow it right now, or when the kids get older it will be possible. Then one year our church put on an exhibition with various stations sharing the missions that the congregation was doing. Bosko Haiti caught my eye and Don Brown told me about the great things they were doing for displaced sibling children in Haiti . One year latter I was talking to Jason Yunker when he invited me to come with them on a trip to Haiti . My immediately reaction was to start looking for excuses but Jason said, “Just say yes” and before I had a chance to develop my thoughts, I said “yes”. My bride, Celeste, was supportive even though this was at a very difficult time in our lives.

Participating in the mission trip brought me closer to Jesus. I now better understand His love for all His children and I now have a greater love for people. The Holy Spirit worked miracles in the hearts of people while we were there and it opened my heart and eyes to the His work in my daily life. I’ve been inspired to witness about the grace of God through the love of the children, their caregivers, and the missionaries in our group.

Haiti Bosko has been truly blessed by God and He has blessed me with the opportunity to serve the children of Haiti .”