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Day 2


Haiti greeted us with another glorious day with warm sunshine and a cool, refreshing breeze. We enjoyed (some endured) pasta with salami Rou and bread. Others opted for Pop Tarts and other processed American imitation breakfasts!

We began our day at Bosko with manual labor including mason work and the traditional “moving of the rock pile” by hand. It seems there is always a pile of stone to be relocated. It was moved stone by stone into reused cement bags, buckets with no handles, and discarded rice bags. It is certainly a labor of love!  (of which I directed; not participated in)

Meanwhile some of the team hosted 5 teenage boys from the village at the main Bosko house that were not in school. The boys enjoyed a Jesus film and we shared our mission of spreading Christ’s love and our desire to fill them physically and spiritually. Some of the ladies prepared the boys a chicken rice meal, served them, and demonstrated a nonverbal love that could be read on their faces.

After a short respite and sharing of traditional American Snacks that the Haitian security and translators love (beef jerky, almonds, snack crackers) we loaded the Tap Tap ( transportation with the descriptive name for banging on the side of the truck to communicate stop and go) and headed back to the property for a mini vacation bible school. We sang songs led by Jake and Jeremy, shared a lesson, and read of Jesus’ miracle of healing the paralytic man while a bunch of crazy young white people acted it out! That really got the kids smiling and jeering! We then played a loving game of chic, chic, chicken. The Haitian version of… You guessed it… duck duck goose!  You can imagine that the “blan” (whites) were frequently tagged as “Poule” or chicken and forced to run over and over after children that lapped us as we chased them! We ended with the distribution of approximately 200 lbs of rice to roughly 55 children and watched the joyous procession of the evenings meal for many Haitians!

We just closed our night with more great worship songs (on a guitar with four strings… Thanks to young Haitian curiosity) but Jake pulled it off!  We discussed the allure of Haiti and the relentless presence of the Holy Spirit. The contentment of our daily bread… and the meaningless pursuit of the world that King Solomon speaks of.

We call it the Haiti bug… We’ve all been bitten… But it’s really just the Holy Spirit welling up inside… Filling us with the joy of service… For the Son, God incarnate didn’t come to be served… But to serve!

And serve we will!