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Day 3

Family & Friends,

Another gorgeous day! I realized this morning that I missed an extremely important project completion of Mark and Richard. They were able to find and fix a wiring issue for our well water pump which pumps the water to our roof tank for gravity feeding of the water. This took a couple of days of great detective work, trouble shooting, a near fire and electrocution, but the ultimate goal was met! It actually worked so efficiently that it rained into the kitchen on our Haitian friends! Why you ask? Because it pumped much much faster than expected and then overflowed!  Thanks men!

We headed to the property this morning, where we split up to help the Haitian workers with the masonry work for the goat wall and begin painting in the main house. Everyone quickly learned that the quality of paint and porosity of the cement was, well, different than we are use to. Nonetheless the team persevered!

Our house host Madamn Michel treated us with a great Haitian macaroni dish that was fantastic!

In the afternoon we hiked back to Pastor Calixte’s orphanage that has had us in its grasp. The team took toys, prepared a great cracker treat for the children, and then fit all of the girls with pillowcase dresses made by The Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer ladies. They were also able to distribute some shorts for the boys that were made.

We returned to the property where the Hanover clan lead songs, a bible lesson with a skit depicting the scripture of the parable of the sower. Madelyn took the lead on the lesson.  The team was mostly moved by a very weathered and aged Haitian woman that joined the VBS. She arrived on crutches and expressed her need for food. She was missing most of her foot and had it wrapped in bandages. But when the singing began… so did her dancing and joy! Everyone noticed her dancing, including the village kids.  I tried to capture part of the experience in the photo below.

The rice distribution tonight was undoubtedly the most powerful. There were so many people that there was cause for concern if we even had enough… But didn’t Christ feed 5000 with just a few fish and loaves of bread? It seemed that children had come from every direction!!  Certainly the biggest line of people we have seen.

Don’t worry…No one… Not even the weathered woman on the crutches went away without two bags, not one, but two bags of rice…

…Oh… And we had a few bags to spare…


To God be the glory!