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Final Day

Good day from Haiti!

Well… It was the final day. Always bitter sweet! Another fantastically perfect day. We began by heading to Bosko where Jake and Serena wanted to ride on the Tap Tap in true Haitian fashion… On the roof!  Don’t worry parents, it was only through the village. Most everyone began painting! Mark and Richard put roofs on the generator and cistern, back filled (with the help of many) the septic tank, picked up trash, and continued the task of preparing for a new water pump installation in one of the trucks.

After a short break and another treat of Cole slaw, fried plantains, and goat we went to Pastor Calixtes one final time. This orphanage and the people have really caught this team. The team distributed 24 Meals Ready to Eat which are donated (3 for1) when purchased through Meal Logistics / Meals for Humanity.  They were instructed on preparation of the self heating packs. Then every child tried one bite if the meal. Chip pointed out that the eldest child refused to take a bite until everyone before him had one. Chip then gave Pastor a Creole Bible. Doesn’t seem like much or a big deal, but you would beg to differ if you saw the reaction he had. In reality Creole Bibles are hard to find and very expensive to the Haitian people… And we all know how exciting it is to have something of “our very own” especially something so nourishing to the soul! His response was priceless! (From what I was told; I missed it!)

The team then headed back out to Bosko for a final devotional. Rusty and Jake lead music and cut up with the kids. Philip lead the devotional with Galatians 5:16 “So I say live by the spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.” He then talked about our walk with Christ. The children then lined up for “Piwili” (suckers) and a special reminder bracelet that says “Walk with Jesus.” Again, something to call their own and remember our visit.

While the team was finishing up painting and sharing the love of Christ… I was three deep on the back of a motorcycle…with a bag…a backpack… after dark… weaving through traffic at High speeds… with no headlight… on roads that are, well unlike ours… Praying for safety… Taking in the unadulterated close sights… Hoping my mother wouldn’t find out…

And reflecting on what an honor it is to serve as one of Christ’s disciples, in God’s army!!!!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

May The Lord bless you abundantly!!!