Richemond (4/30/04) was a very young boy when his mother died. He is shy and reserved. He loves to play ball and enjoys teaching the young children. He prays for “safety in travel to school.” (All 9 children travel in a car that seats 5)

Fan Fan

  Fan Fan (9/15/95) is a generous young man with a contagious smile. He cared for his mother until her death in 2008. He was courageous in helping his siblings out of dire circumstances. He helps with chores around the house. He loves science at school and dreams of being...


  Taina (2/14/2002) is the only girl in the original sibling set. She is a princess and loves to cuddle. She loves to sing and dreams of being a doctor. Her favorite color is green. She prays for “protection.”


  Woody (4/10/02) is a quiet young man who came to Bosko from an abusive home. He has blossomed into a helper. He loves to draw and play soccer. He dreams of being a pastor. He prays that “someone will love him and help him to become a man in...


  Luckson (12/31/99) as third born is a giver. He enjoys playing with and caring for his siblings. He enjoys mathematics and would like to be trained as a pastor. He prays that he can become “a new person and a real man to serve society.” He is extremely thankful...


  Medinesarai (Midgine) (5/6/06) is a beautiful little girl that loves to be held. She is quiet and has missed the nurturing of a mother. She loves baby dolls and to draw and sing. She prays prayers of thanksgiving. 


  Adelson (10/14/97) is the second born. He is quiet and studious. He enjoys school and dreams of being a doctor. He remembers his mother as a giver. She would share what little they had. His prayer is that he would be able to continue school and that “God would...


Sambani (07/05/94)