Packing Suggestions 

1. Personal hygiene (deodorant, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. — none of this is provided as you might be used to in a US hotel)
2. Shower shoes, athletic shoes, sandals
3. Clothes (modest, cool, comfortable, one piece VERY modest swimsuits optional)
4. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat
5. Bug spray (less of a concern, but nice to have: Not everyone has to pack this. 1 bottle/ 3-4 people will probably be sufficient)
6. Water bottle (i.e. nalgene type/reusable –widemouth is better for cleaning)
7. Hand sanitizer (small bottle for pocket; large pump for refills) ‘Wet Ones’ wipes are also handy
8. Food (beef jerky, cracker, snacks, peanut butter, nuts, energy bars, etc.)
9. Flashlight
10. Bible (daily devotion)
11. Pen (custom forms on plane)
12. Passport/ passport carrying case


1. Spending money (small bills–lots of one dollar bills preferred)
2. Camera
3. Extra pillow case
4. Trash bag for dirty clothes
5. Mini face fan if sleeping is difficult without air movement
6. Small bag/ extra back pack for personal goods when at the property. (this can be shared between a few people as well)